What is Sustainable Development? 

Sustainable development is commonly defined as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

While it cannot be achieved by one organisation on its own, we believe that our business can make an important contribution to the ongoing, global transition to sustainable development.


Our Strategy

Our strategy of investing in large, long-term, cost competitive businesses means that we operate on extended time horizons. Some of our projects will last 50 years or more from mineral discovery through to closure, representing large scale, long-term investments in fixed capital, often situated in remote locations. 

These long-term commitments provide opportunities for us to plan, implement and deliver sustainable contributions to social wellbeing, environmental stewardship and economic prosperity, within our governance systems.

Our focus on sustainable development provides the framework in which our business operates. This allows us to maintain a highly regarded reputation that ensures ongoing access to people, capital and mineral resources. This in turn helps us to deliver better return for our shareholders, manage risk effectively, reduce environmental impacts, cut operating costs, attract and retain high calibre employees and provide more business development opportunities. These factors help differentiate Cass from its competitors and contribute to our goal of being the undisputed sector leader in creating value for our stakeholders.

The minerals and metals to be produced at our operations contribute to society's needs, creating wealth to support community infrastructure, health care and education programmes, and delivering financial dividends for our shareholders. Our activities also provide the means and opportunity to develop new approaches to solving the world's environmental and human development challenges, such as climate change and poverty.

We also recognise that, if not managed appropriately, some aspects of our activities have the ability to detract from sustainable development, such as options for the future use of water and land; amenity impacts on local communities; and greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and the use of our future products.

We are developing a structured framework to ensure that we meet the goal of contributing to the global transition to sustainable development. This framework contains the "must have" building blocks, which represent Cass's high-level business drivers.

Our global code of business conduct reinforces our commitment to integrate sustainable development thinking in the way we make decisions about finding, acquiring, developing, and operating assets around the world. 


For more information download CASS Group Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development.




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