Respect for the environment is central to our approach. Wherever possible we prevent or otherwise minimise, mitigate and remediate harmful effects that our operations may have. We work in partnership with our stakeholders, such as local communities and conservation groups. This collaborative approach helps us increase our understanding of the risks, challenges and opportunities we face and how best to manage them.



The rate of biodiversity loss remains a serious global concern as the human population grows and competes with habitats containing the world’s remaining biodiversity. Our activities have the potential to adversely impact biodiversity and this generates significant interest with key stakeholders, including government, local communities and non-government organisations (NGOs).

CASS has long recognised the importance of sound biodiversity management and our strategy requires understanding biodiversity risk and impacts. Where appropriate we develop and implement an action plan to understand and minimise impacts and to achieve a net positive impact (NPI).


Energy and climate change

We recognise the need to understand and adapt to the physical impacts of climate change, which will affect our operations, particularly through the availability of water and the occurrence of extreme weather events. We believe that global energy and climate challenges are best met by companies, governments and society working together. Our strategy is to maximise shareholder returns by making our assets more resilient against uncertain carbon and energy market risks.



During our exploration operations, we generate no net mineral and no non-mineral waste. We put controls in place to limit the negative environmental impact of our projects, and reduce our operating costs and risks.


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