Occupational Health

We strive to protect our physical health and well being in the workplace.

A healthy workforce contributes to business success. We are committed to preventing new cases of occupational disease and have a target of achieving a significant reduction in these cases year on year through the continual identification, evaluation and control of workplace exposures. 

We have developed a set of core occupational health standards. We implement these standards in conjunction with education, training, and the incorporation of systems and procedures. 

An assurance process entailing regular audits, reviews and reports measures compliance with our occupational health policy and standards.



Everyone’s behaviour contributes to an injury free workplace; full and consistent implementation of and accountability for CASS’s comprehensive standards, guidelines, systems and procedures is required across the world. 

Alongside this, we are building a supportive safety culture that requires visible leadership, ongoing education and training and a high level of participation by everyone in the workplace.

We place an uncompromising emphasis on hazard identification, risk assessment and risk management. We measure assurance through operational, corporate and external auditing and reporting processes.



We require safe and effective working relationships at all levels around the Group. Whilst respecting different cultures, traditions and employment practices, we share common goals, in particular the elimination of workplace injuries, and are committed to good corporate values and ethical behaviour.

CASS employs on the basis of job requirements and does not discriminate on grounds of age, ethnic or social origin, gender, sexual orientation, politics or religion. We may make exceptions to favour local employment where local laws provide. The Group does not employ forced, bonded or child labour.

Being trained to work, and then working, in safe, healthy and environmentally responsible ways comes first and foremost. Beyond that, CASS believes in enabling employees to develop to the extent of their abilities. We improve our skills and competencies by regular performance reviews, recognising potential, undertaking education, training and coaching as appropriate, and offering professional development opportunities within the Group.

CASS expects managers to be models of the highest standards of behaviour. We treat each other and those we deal with externally with dignity, fairness and respect. We guard against harassment in the workplace and neither abuse nor misuse our positions or facilities for personal purposes. We respect our obligations to our colleagues and employer. We work together within and across businesses, cultures and countries to raise performance.

Group businesses’ codes of conduct establish sound conditions of work and disciplinary procedures. The Group implements equitable and transparent remuneration and incentive systems. CASS recognises everyone’s right to choose whether or not they wish to be represented collectively. We live up to the letter and spirit of The way we operate and our code of conduct.

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