We support human rights consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and CASS respects those rights in conducting the Group’s operations.


We seek to ensure that CASS’s presence fosters sound relationships and avoids civil conflict wherever we are. CASS respects and supports the dignity, well being and human rights of Group employees, our families and the communities in which we live, as well as others affected by the Group’s operations.


Our Human Rights Framework, which is in line with our commitments under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and reflects the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, has its foundations in human rights due diligence, carried out as part of our corporate processes.


Where human rights are threatened, we seek to have international standards upheld and to avoid any involvement in human rights abuses, including through misuse of our equipment and facilities. Through appropriate contractual arrangements and procurement principles, we expect that our consultants, agents, contractors and suppliers will be made aware of and comply with The way we operate in all their dealings with or on behalf of the Group. In our dealings with joint venture partners and non-controlled companies in which we participate, we will make every effort to ensure that the standards of conduct in The way we work are respected at all times. 


The Group’s security procedures draw on and are consistent with our commitment to, and active participation in, the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights. These procedures include guidelines and restrictions on the use of force, and are reinforced by security and human rights risk assessments for high risk sites, incident reporting, and training for Group employees and contract security personnel. We also actively encourage human rights training for public security where we identify a gap, and help to facilitate this training in certain circumstances.


We respect the diversity of indigenous peoples, acknowledging the unique and important interests that they have in the land, waters and environment as well as their history, culture and traditional ways.


Wherever we operate, we engage with communities and seek to understand the social, cultural, environmental and economic implications of our activities, so that we can respond to concerns and work to optimise benefits and reduce negative impacts, both for the local community and for the overall economy. We believe that this contribution to development, together with our community engagement programmes (which may include enterprise development, training, employment, community-based health and social and cultural heritage initiatives), can further contribute to the realisation of human rights.

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