Organisational responsibility


CASS Offshore Minerals Limited (CASS) is the 100% owner and holding company for both IOM and POM. Collectively, this is the CASS Group of Companies.

CASS, IOM and POM are each PCBU’s within the terms of Section 17 of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA 2015 - 'Act') and each has a primary duty of care under Section 36 of the Act.

CASS directors are also Officer's within the terms of Section 18 of the Act and each has a due diligence duty under Section 44 of the Act.

The responsibilities of PCBU’s, Officers, Workers and Others are described in detail in the Act and the WorkSafe publication Introduction to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

The CASS Group is not required to appoint a Health and Safety Officer at the present time. As the Group progresses it is anticipated that a Health a Safety Representative will be appointed and a Health and Safety Committee will be established.

Under Part 1 Section 2 of the CMA, CASS is a mining operation but under Schedule 3, Section 2(d)(i)of the Act, CASS is (an explorer) and not a producing mine operator and is not currently subject to further industry specific HSE legislation; such as the Health and Safety at Work (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2016.

CASS is also mindful of it’s responsibilities under the Maritime Transport Act 1994. This is particularly relevant to activities onboard charter vessels. As part of any charter contract CASS requires logs of the voyages of the chartered vessel, drilling logs including GPS drill locations, incident reports and logs and reports of marine mammal sightings.


Duties and Key Responsibilities under the HSWA 2015

The Duties and Key Responsibilities of PCBU’s, Officers, Workers and Other Persons is defined in the relevant sections of the Act.

Subpart 1—Key principles relating to duties

Subpart 2—Duties of PCBUs

Subpart 3—Duties of officers, workers, and other persons





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