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Questions & Answers

CASS is a New Zealand offshore mineral exploration company with projects in Taranaki and the Bay of Plenty

  • What are you doing in the Bay of Plenty?

    CASS is developing a project that proposes the environmentally sustainable extraction of ilmenite-bearing sand from the sea floor 5kms offshore of Waihi.
  • What are you doing in Taranaki?

    CASS is developing a project that proposes the environmentally sustainable extraction of iron-bearing sand from the sea floor 5kms offshore of New Plymouth.
  • What does offshore exploration involve?

    Exploration involves drilling 10m deep, 10cm wide boreholes every square kilometre in the sea bed at water depths of up to 80m. Taking samples and assessing their content for minerals in a laboratory.
  • How many boreholes do you plan to drill?

    We plan to drill 50 to 150 boreholes in each project area.
  • What do the laboratory tests prove?

    The results will show the mineral content in the area tested to an industry standard known as the JORC code. This can be relied on to confidently assess the economic viability of the projects to produce products, sales and jobs.
  • If your exploration is successful will you build a mine?

    If exploration is successful, we will apply for a mining permit and resource consent. If we are granted an extraction license and gain environmental approvals then we would anticipate being in production by 2021.
  • Does drilling damage the environment?

    Every 100 holes drilled, removes less than 8 cubic meters of sediment over a surface area of less than one square meter. We never drill in environmentally sensitive areas and no harmful substances are used in the process or added to the water.
  • What about marine mammals?

    The proposed operations are not noisy and will have no more than a minimal impact on marine mammals present in the area. Observations show relatively few sightings of cetaceans in the project areas and studies indicate that the dolphin mainly inhabit the shallow, turbid water within 4kms from shore.
  • Waihi Beach is eroding away with homes under threat of inundation?

    Once mining is underway, extraction of sediment from the mid shelf and return of clean quartz sand to the inner shelf should help build the beach back and prevent further erosion.
  • If you get to mine, where will the sediment be processed?

    We intend to ship the sediment onshore and process it in a plant to produce products for sale. The clean sediment (with the iron sand removed) will be returned to the sea bed. Plant built onshore guarantees jobs for New Zealand will not be exported offshore.
  • Do you consult with Iwi?

    We have held numerous hui and through the korero and exchange of whakaaro (“ideas”) CASS has developed an understanding of key areas for Maori. We intend to develop strategic alliances with Iwi.
  • How can we trust you?

    CASS is a Kiwi company with an environmental conscience that intends to create a new primary industry (Titanium) for New Zealand. We are listing on the ASX because more liquidity and capital is available from that market. We have over 1,675 investors and once listed likely more than 2,000 supporters that are mainly New Zealanders and Australians.
  • What products will you produce for export?

    Ironsand concentrate for export from New Plymouth. Pig iron and synthetic rutile for export from Tauranga.
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